FAQ - Solar Photovoltic

1. What is a Solar Photovoltaic System?

A. Solar Photovoltaic (S.P.V.) system converts Sun’s light energy to usable electrical energy, to run any electrical appliances/equipments like Lights, Fans, T.V. Computer, Water Pump, Refrigerators, Street lights, Garden lights, Traffic signals, Road studs etc.

2. What does a S.P.V. system consist of?

A. S.P.V. consists of a Photovoltaic panel, a charge controller, storage battery and an inverter.

3. What does a P.V. Panel do?

A. P.V. Panel converts light energy from sun to a DC electrical output.

4. What are the normal panel ratings?

A. Normally 6 Volts and 12 Volts with 10, 18, 37, 72, etc. Volts peak capacity. Other capacities can be assembled by using the above panels series and parallels.

5. Why do you require a storage battery in SPV System?

In case of night usage or no-Sundays usage, we need to store the electric energy in a storage battery.

6. What does a charge controller do?

The solar charge controller optimizes solar charging and prevents battery over charge and deep discharge.

7. Why do we require an invertor?

The D.C. current received from the P.V. Panel is converted to usable A.C. current by the inverter, to run A.C. current applications.

8. What is the difference between Solar Storage Battery and a Car Battery?

Car batteries are not suitable for solar systems. Solar batteries are designed for repeated cycling, like partial discharge of the battery and recharging to full during day time.

9. Do we need special cabling for a solar PV system?

Thicker cables are required to minimize voltage loss. In case of DC output solar system, we need to have a separate wiring.

10. What is a Solar Power Pack?

Solar PV Panel converts light energy to electrical energy. This is stored in the storage batteries. The power pack inverter then converts the DC power stored in the battery into AC power 230 Volts output, which can be used to operate all standard electrical appliances.

11. Can Solar Power Pack be charged by AC mains also?

NesolSolar Power Pack has got three options of charging :
a) Solar mode : Charging through only PV module - needs more PV modules.
b) AC mode : Charging through only AC mains - just work like UPS.
c) Auto mode : In this mode, during day time, charging will be from solar module and any shortfall in charging will be made up through AC mains ,  this will help you to reduce initial investment in more numbers solar panels.

12. Is the Solar Power Pack easy to install?

Yes, it is. The solar power pack is designed for easy installation and use. A qualified technician can follow the operation manual, provided along with the system and please note that, ANU service department &technicitions are always ready to assist you in this matter.

13. What are the capacities of Power Pack available?

Capacities are available in Multiples of 250 VA only. Special designs can be supplied on request.

14. How can I Calculate system requirements?

For doing this calculations, we need to assess your days peak power usage (for finding at the KVA of the inverter) and total days energy consumption. (for calculating PV module capacity & battery storage capacity) You may please refer the calculations sheet attached, for details.

15. How many hours any solar lighting system can work?

This depends on the storage battery capacity and the PV module rating. It can be extended to any number of hours, by adding more numbers of PV modules of battery etc.

16. Can I expand my solar PV system at a later date?

Definitely yes, by addition of storage batteries, P.V. modules etc.

17. How does solar street light / garden light work?

The PV module charges the battery during day time. A specially designed electronic dusk dawn switch cum charge controller will switch on the luminary during night time and will automatically switch off during day time.

18. How does a Solar Pump work?

Solar pump works mainly on DC source. During sunshine, the pump motor gets electrical energy from the PV module. Hence the pump works during sunshine only. Special design pumps are available with AC input and night time operation. Here, we need to use Power Packs to support the operation.

19. What are the Normal capacities of Solar Water pump?

Normal Solar Pumps are designed to lift water from Wells up to 200 feet depth and delivery of the pump is varies from 15,000 L per day to 75,000 L per day. Special designs are available on request.

20. How to calculate my system requirements?

Option A: - If you know the monthly electricity consumption (in Units xKwhr) and the peak load requirement of a day.